The Financial Sovereignty Application. December 1st 2018.

How It Works

Using P2P, AMP desktop and mobile applications communicate with one another directly without the need of a central server that can be blocked by government or telecom restrictions. Transactions are broadcasted by any client application via client applications on the network synced with the Ethereum blockchain. Financial news and social media content are distributed and curated using artificial intelligence tailored to each clients' individual investment watchlists and holdings. Coming Spring 2018 P2P

Clients connect directly with one another. Those applications which have access to uncensored internet relay news, certain requests, analytics and transactions verified via TLS notaries to other clients with restrictions.

Open-source Codebase

The codebase is completely open-source and therefore can be verified to be free of spyware and activity tracking, while ensuring maintenance of the best encryption standards to ensure transaction anonymity. All this, while ensuring the application can be constantly improved by the crowd.

Mac, PC & Ubuntu Compatiblility

While a web-version will be available, the most trustless method for crafting and submitting transactions is directly via the desktop or mobile applications. The application is built using Javascript and Electron.

Assurance Market Protocol

The Assurance Market Protocol is a smart contract standard developed by Proof which leverges tokens pegged to fiat, predication markets and insurance market to ensure a safe, trustless environment for purchasing tokens backed by real-world assets. Whitepaper

AMP is the Evolution of the Proof Dashboard

In December of 2016, Proof released the Proof Dashboard beta web-application, which allows anyone to create and trade blockchain-based tokens backed by real-world assets. From learnings in developing and managing the application and its exchange, the AMP Desktop application was developed to remove Proof's centralized curation of featured tokens, user data storage, cryptocurrency exchange and server maintenance. AMP will create a completely trustless environment that will transform how underwriting, investing, research, and regulation works.

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Core Team

Proof was founded by Mike De'Shazer, Tai Kersten and David Van Isacker, originally as Think, a blockchain R&D company working with large institutions such as IBM and PwC. Think became Proof in December of 2016 with the launch of the Proof Dashboard and associated products. The core team is based in South Korea, while the company is registered in Estonia.

Mike De'Shazer


Tai Kersten


David Van Isacker


Keith Dawson

Lead Developer

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